This assortment of George Washington Papers is organized into nine series, that are given just below.

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This assortment of George Washington Papers is organized into nine series, that are given just below.

The documents of army officer and very very very first U.S. president George Washington (1732-1799) held in the Manuscript Division of this Library of Congress constitute the biggest collection of original Washington documents on earth. They consist of around 65,000 things accumulated by Washington between 1745 and 1799, including communication, diaries, and monetary and army documents. The collection documents Washington’s childhood education, their very first job as being a surveyor, their experiences being a militia colonel through the French and Indian War, their election as being a Virginia delegate into the very very first and 2nd Continental Congresses, their part as basic of this Continental Army through the Revolutionary War, his presidency associated with the Constitutional Convention in 1787, their two terms as president (1789-1797), and their your your retirement. Additionally documented is their handling of Mount Vernon, their plantation house in Virginia, additionally the life of his family members, servants, and slaves. Notable correspondents consist of John Adams, Benedict Arnold, Edward Braddock, Alexander Hamilton, John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson, as well as the Marquis de Lafayette. Due to the number of Washington’s passions, tasks, and correspondents, including ordinary residents additionally as celebrated figures, their documents are an abundant supply for pretty much every part of colonial and early US life.

Description of show

This number of George Washington Papers is arranged into nine show, that are the following. More information about a few of these show may be located within the Series Notes under the Articles and Essays tab.

Series 1, Exercise Books, Diaries, and Surveys, ca. 1745-1799 Three exercise books (school copy books), ca.1745-1747, held by Washington amongst the many years of approximately thirteen and fifteen; thirty-six of this diaries held by Washington from in regards to the chronilogical age of sixteen until their death in 1799; and records and drawings documenting Washington’s very early career being a surveyor, 1749-1752 and undated. (mer…)